French circuit bending & 8bit music label !
Website of Morusque my friend of Cheatcode : sound, digital art
french Vj who makes visual with pixel and video bending
Chipsound Device : gameboy midi & sync interface :)
Myspace of my 8bit band with Morusque : sound, pixel and video!
circuit bending french forum and more
midikit for tb303
Gameboy tracker
a place to buy a cartbridge
Reed Ghazala, father of circuit bending
French circuit bending in english too
circuit bending french website
lsdj website
a reference of circuit bending and stuff
Low-fi culture around the world !!!
Low-fi culture at Paris and more!!!
Circuit Bending & Tekno !!! mp3 tek & bending free download!!!
Circuit Bending, schémas tutos, in french
Site d' E. Rebus, circuit bender artist
Site de Flexrex, many music to download
circuit bending and experimental music website
Site d'un Zikos avec des news sur le monde des synthés,bar,bending,diy,etc...explorez!!!